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Hello,  this is Royal Maple .


Membership registration to access Royal Maple's clients and use the community is possible through the methods below.


We would like to inform you that access to Discord is required to use Royal Maple smoothly.




■ How to sign up for Royal Maple membership (foreign)


1. Click [Sign up] For Foreigners Only

2. Follow the registration process by filling in the correct information in the form.

3. Enter the Discord address provided on the registration page. [You must enter upon registration. You won't be able to see it once you leave the page. ]

4. Go to Downloads and install the English Client


※ Koreans cannot sign up using this method, and if discovered, use of the service will be permanently restricted.




■ Precautions


※ ID must be a combination of English letters and numbers.

※ The password must be English and have at least 6 but less than 13 numbers.

※ Data transfer is not supported as of 2022-10-01



Instructions on how to use Royal Maple


- You must disable the anti-virus program and Windows real-time protection function to be able to access normally.



Royal Maple can be used by up to one account per person and one client, and use may be suspended if multiple accounts are detected or if the operating policy is violated.

Please check Royal Maple's operating policy for more details.


thank you

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